BIOPROTECT is an EPA registered antimicrobial formula that provides long-lasting protection against harmful microbes including bacteria, fungi, algae, and yeast. BIOPROTECT’s versatility allows it to solve microbiological problems in many industries and applications. Stabilized with patented technology and optimized for the use and abuse of diverse end-uses and microbiological demands.

What makes BIOPROTECT different?

>It is a one of a kind, water-based, surface protectant that forms a long-lasting, persistent, continuous bond that inhibits the microbial growth on all applied surfaces.

>Our product can be used in a multitude of industries including, but not limited to, the following: agriculture, animal care, education facilities, entertainment & leisure, food service, government services, healthcare, hospitality & travel, aviation, marine, oil & gas, plastics & metal coatings, poultry, textiles, etc.

>BIOPROTECT is safe for both humans and the environment. No poison, toxic chemicals, or heavy metals are used.

>It is more affordable than comparable technologies such as triclosan and silver ion technologies.

>The unique non-leaching and non-volatile formula has proven to remain effective at killing microbes and reducing odors for 90+ days on various surfaces.

BIOPROTECT is a long-term solution for coronavirus protection. Applying BIOPROTECT is a two-step process. First, applying our hospital-grade SMARTTOUCH disinfectant kills a wide range of viruses and bacteria ensuring the surface is clean. By making sure the surface is sterile, it is ready for the application of BIOPROTECT. Our unique antimicrobial formula can also be incorporated into traditional cleaning routines across many industries to help keep surfaces sanitized longer, protecting you, your customers, and your employees from potentially life-threatening infections caused by microbes. Apply it to any surface and it forms a covalent bond to inhibit germ growth on any surface. BIOPROTECT kills microbes by piercing and rupturing the cell membrane of each microbe. This is in stark contrast with traditional cleaners that kill using harsh poisons and chemicals. BIOPROTECT is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Additionally, our cleaning technology has shown effectiveness in preventing superbugs, something traditional cleaning methods facilitate.

Instead of merely killing on contact, like tradtional cleaning methods, BIOPROTECT creates an antimicrobial coating that lasts 90+ days on various surfaces, making it the more viable cleaning option during this pandemic. Because of this longevity, after the initial sanitation, there is no need to constantly disinfect frequently touched surfaces after every contact. The potential applications for this product are endless, and there has never been a more important time to prioritize sanitation.

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