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SorbEater Spill Sorbent

Ideal for Oil Spills

This is a synthetic super-absorbent with the highest oil recovery ratio of ANY known absorbent material.



Bioremediation & Bio-augmentation Products

We supply a range of bioremediation & bioaugmentation products including our unique fast-acting HydroEater.



100% Natural Cleaning Products

These unique cleaning products are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Beric Valves

Beric Valves

We are proud to be an international trading partner of Beric-Davis Companies International, LTD who manufacture high quality valves.

mercury spill

Mercury Spill

A safe and effective method to suppress mercury vapours and amalgamate hazardous mercury-bearing spills.

Trading & Consultancy

Our business consultancy service is ideal for both start up and SME companies who wish to expand internationally.

Tertiary Containment Valves & Products

Above Ground Storage Tank Engineered Products