Business Wales ‘Green Growth Pledge’ initiative!

Business Wales ‘Green Growth Pledge’ initiative!

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have made an important corporate commitment to the Business Wales ‘Green Growth Pledge’ initiative!

Our signed pledge in summary is as follows:

We identified 3 Key Activities important to our business:

  • Working with environmentally responsible suppliers
  • Products & Services
  • Well-being of staff and our local community

The following 3 Key Actions have been pledged:

  • Our products to be 100% eco-friendly
  • Continued development of our products and processes
  • Education for the community.

It has been recognised that our Nu-Eco products are 100% eco-friendly, fully biodegradable and Vegan approved. We are also investigating bio-degradable plastics as part of our continued research and development. We have trained all of our staff on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in our business and social activities.