Beric Valves logoSkyhawk Global are an international trading partner of Beric-Davis Companies International, LTD.

They are a global company with headquarters in Houston USA. The company entered the industrial valve market in 2000.

Early in their history, Beric Valves partnered with API accredited valve factories in Asia, allowing them to import high quality valves produced in accordance with strict engineering criteria at an effective price.

Valve Product Range

BERIC VALVETheir comprehensive product range covers:

• Forged Steel Gate, Globe, ‘Y’ Pattern, Check Valves (Ball, Piston & Swing types) – Carbon, Duplex, Stainless Steel and many other alloys.
• Cast Steel Gate, Globe, Swing Check & Pressure Seal Valves – Carbon, Duplex, Stainless Steel and many other alloys.
• Ball Valves – Floating and Trunnion Mounted – Both soft Seated and Metal seated designs – In Cast and Forged Carbon and Stainless Steel
• Cryogenic Valves- complete range of Gates. Globe. Checks, Floating and Trunnion Ball valves
• Geothermal Gate Valves

Please visit for a comprehensive overview of all of their products and technical support information.

ValveBeric Valve Technical Capabilities & Achievements

  • Manufacture a complete line of Cast & Forged steel valves along with API 603 Stainless and API-6D and API-608 Floating and Trunnion Mounted Ball valves (all valves conform to applicable industry standards API 594, 600, 602, 603, 607, 608, 623, 624, 6D…etc.).
  • Successfully completed the API 624 for both Forged & Cast steel valves.
  • Beric test 100% of our products to API 598 or API 6D pressure test before leaving our facilities.
  • We are a voting member of the API refining subcommittee for manufacturers.
  • We are a member of MSS coordinating committee and are an active participant on the pressure seal task force.
  • We are an active participant in the API 623 task force… the first of its kind for globe valves.
  • We also sat on the API 603 task force for stainless steel valves.
  • Our Valves are America Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified.
  • Accomplished placement on Key AMLs throughout different industries.
  • Have an active quality control office in China to participate in the manufacture of all our products.
  • Implemented a comprehensive quality control plan complete with BERIC manufacturing specifications. Thus allowing us to promise the level of quality that stands behind the Beric Name.

Company Charter


A business culture that supports and encourages personal leadership, entrepreneurial initiative and calculated risk to deliver volume, profit and market share growth through human resource development and product manufacturing excellence.


Encompass our customers’ needs into the manufacture of safe and reliable quality valve products at a competitive price in a timely manner ensuring complete customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Quality, Excellence, Integrity, Service

valveAt Beric Valves, our commitment to quality assurance runs deep. We require all of our factory management and employees to adhere to strict quality control standards and our process management is central to assuring each of our valves pass rigid tests and have enduring performance.

With offices in Houston, Texas and Wuxi, China, Beric Valves management team has a hands-on involvement in every facet of the valve manufacturing process. From casting design to raw material composition, Beric personnel are involved. Taking leadership in this endeavor means thoroughly reviewing the latest manufacturing processes, imparting sound technical enhancements to comply with published international standards and implementing best practices effectively.

Beric Valves has implemented a program of management involvement with our factories to insure compliance with relevant quality and technical standards. This ongoing practice includes accomplished business professionals, engineers and metallurgists at the factory regularly to conduct both classroom and on the job management and quality control training seminars.

Beric Valves factories all comply with the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Beric Valves are actively seeking distributors for their international markets. If you are interested please contact:

In the meantime think Beric because:

Building Excellence Requires Integrity & Commitment